Emergency Dentistry

For Urgent Care, See Charlotte Emergency Dentist Dr. Mujica

October 8th, 2016

Worse than your own dental emergency is that of a child. They’re crying, they’re in pain and you feel almost helpless. Fortunately, you can immediately turn to Charlotte emergency dentist Dr. Mujica for urgent help when you need it most. Try to remain calm and contact our office. One of our staff members will be able to offer advice on what you should do immediately and schedule a same day appointment if necessary. And while we hope your child never has a dental emergency, read on to find out what to in various situations.

A Knocked Out Tooth

The correct response to a knocked out tooth depends on whether it’s a primary (baby) tooth or a permanent one. In the case of a baby tooth, don’t try to put the tooth back in the socket. Children are supposed to lose baby teeth, but if one is knocked out accidentally, schedule an appointment with Charlotte emergency dentist Dr. Mujica so she can assess the condition of the hidden adult tooth.

If an adult tooth is knocked out, then touch only the crown and rinse with water. Try to place the tooth back in the socket and either have your child gently bite down or use a soft cloth to hold it in place. If this isn’t possible, then store the tooth in a sealed container filled with milk and head to our office immediately.

Broken Tooth

Have your child rinse his mouth with lukewarm water. If the broken tooth is the result of an injury, then you can use a cold compress to help reduce any facial swelling. If you have the piece of broken tooth, then wrap it in moistened gauze. Dr. Mujica may be able to bond the broken part back to the tooth. In addition, a serious break or even a large chip may expose the dental pulp, which can leave the tooth open to infection. Bring your child to the Charlotte emergency dentist as soon as possible.

A Toothache

First, check to see if there is a particle of food or other debris wedged alongside the tooth. If so, try flossing around the tooth. Never use a sharp object in the mouth!

If the toothache is severe, then call our office to schedule an appointment. We’ll make room for you child as soon as possible. In the meantime, there a few things you can do at home to help relieve discomfort. Have your child rinse his or her mouth with warm saltwater. This will help to soothe the pain and will also sterilize any possible infection.

Once again, you can use a cold compress—an icepack or a cold washcloth—to reduce swelling. Acetaminophen or ibuprofen will also help with the pain.

Call Our Office Today

If your child has a dental emergency in Charlotte, then contact All Kids Pediatric Dentistry immediately.